New Xiwang Building
  • address:It is located at No.45, 4th section of Renmin South Road, close to Tongzilin Station of Line 1 Metro, you can go to the elevator from out of the subway. No.16, 99, 51, 52, 109 bus can directly reach here.
  • Scale: The total constrcution areas are about 81,411 square meters. m2
  • Elevators: The service area of each elevator is about 4,166 square meters, and the load capacities of each elevator are aboutKG, the speed is 3.5m/s.
  • Air conditioning: Euipped with the world-famous brands of central air-conditioning, the whole air system is used from 1 to 3 layers, the end equipment selects and uses the ceiling ari conditioner and tank air-conditioner to transfer air; the fan coil is used from 4 to 25 layers to transfer newly fresh air. the cooling source of air conditioing takes advantage of 2 brand water-cooled centrifugal units, 1 brand water-cooled screw unit; the heat source is from 2 brand boilers.
  • Number of parking spaces: There are 300 parking spaces, the areas of each parking space are approximately 270 square meters.
  • Configuration ratio of bathroom:Each layer is equipped with one each for men and women’s toilet, and each man and woman toilet is equipped with 3 squatting seats, and each service area is approximately 480 square meters.
  • Unit load-bearing: 300KG/㎡
  • Appearance:
  • 028-86715446
Software Facilities
Ownership:50% of big owner, 50% of small owner,
Property management level:Jingguan Xingcheng Property Management Company, its registration capital is RMB 5,000,000 Yuan, with the qualification at the national level one.
Tax contributions:
Occupancy rates:
Customers who have been checked in:It is dominated by the domestic and local financial investment and technology companies. Such as Baidu science and technology, Jinshan small loan company, Sichuan Golden Spike Financing Guarantee Company, Rongjin Huachuang Investment Fund, etc.