Xinian Piazza
  • address:It is located at No.26 of Xia Dong Street, it is 800 meters from Qunxi station of L2 metro, No.47, 38, 56, 76, 335,68, 152,301 and 104 bus can directly reach here.
  • Scale: The total construction areas are about 94,000 square meters, the office areas are about 735,000 square meters. m2
  • Elevators: Equipped with 13 Hitachi elevators, the service area of each elevator is about 5,653 square meters.
  • Air conditioning: Equipped with trane two-pipe controlled central air conditioning
  • Number of parking spaces: There are 606 parking spaces, the areas of each parking space are approximately 121 square meters.
  • Configuration ratio of bathroom:Each layer is equipped with one each for men and women’s toilet, and each for man and woman toilet is equipped with 3 squatting seats, each service area is approximately 250 square meters.
  • Unit load-bearing: 350KG
  • Appearance:
  • 028-86715446
Software Facilities
Ownership:All owners
Property management level:Huayang Nianhua Property Management Chengdu Branch, country-level one
Tax contributions:
Occupancy rates:
Customers who have been checked in:It is dominated by the domestic financial investment company. Such as Luoan fund management,Yongjing Group, International education in American and China, Times Jingwei, Shanghai Ruiwang Decoration, Guangzhou Futures, Sichuan Baiying Commercial Goods, Chengdu Qianhou House Purchasing